Stir Fried Cabbage

Origin : Australia


  • 300g cabbage (thinly cut)

Spices Used

  • 3/4 drops of tamari sauce  

  • ½ Himalayan Pink Salt 

Chicken patties or meatballs

Cooking Method

Step 1

Heat the non-sticky pan in high heat. Add cabbage into the pan. 

stir fried cabbage

Step 2

Add 3/4 drops of tamari sauce. Add pinch of salt as per your taste. 

stir fried cabbage

Step 3

Stir it for 2-3 minutes in high heat then it is done.

stir fried cabbage

Step 4

Cook 100g salmon in air fryer for 10-15 mins in 180 degreeEnjoy your healthy cabbage with salmon. 

stir fried cabbage and salmon

Stir Fried cabbage  Gallery


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