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Satya Shrestha

In one of an interesting conversation with my brother in law circa August 2018, he subtly hinted me that I am getting too fat.  The statement was

“I haven’t seen you this big before”.

I just nodded in agreement to his remarks.

This was the moment I knew that I have to do something about my lifestyle, eating habits and diet. Just a few months before that I had done my annual blood tests and the results were less than ideal with all cholesterol levels at its peak, fatty liver and sugar levels pointing to pre-diabetic symptoms.

I knew that I needed to change my lifestyle but didn’t know how! I had tried various intermittent fasting, protein shakes and exercise programs but all of these rarely lasted 1 to 3 months max and I was back to ground Zero. There was no consistency in what I was doing and all the things that I was doing were not working as it was too hard to maintain for me.

Then around September 2018 the answer came to me from nowhere when my sister Saru Shrestha introduced to me to this wonderful way of living for healthy lifestyle. In the beginning, like everyone else including my own sister, I was sceptic and didn’t believe on it, but wanted to give it a shot anyway.

Within 3 months because of the changed eating habits and overall lifestyle, I lost a significant amount of my body weight and went down from Obese class to normal body weight class. This alone didn’t satisfy my quest to understand, if the weight loss I have achieved really had any health benefits for me, so I wanted to validate the program results with the end of year comprehensive blood test. When the results came in, it was very clear that my changed lifestyle and new diet regime had worked all along, and have had a positive impact in my lifestyle.

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I have changed my lifestyle and the way I live. My eating habits, my shopping patterns and overall, my thinking about food and mindset about healthy eating have all changed for the better. It has been over one and half years now since the program and I have continued to follow the same sustainable lifestyle. Bit of weight up and down, but I am comfortably maintaining my healthy weight with the new found way of living.

Since then, I have helped 100s of people around the world to become healthier version of themselves. These wonderful people have successfully pivoted to healthier lifestyle by eating wholesome food, avoiding junks and sugars and continuing to be part of healthy lifestyle community.

Through this website, I will share my knowledge about healthy habits that have helped me to become healthier version of myself. I will bring various contents on: what type of wholesome food we should be eating, things that worked for me and didn’t work for me, and anything about our daily lives that may be beneficial to the wider global community.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any help for your health goals. I will be there for you all to help you lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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