Our Aim

Unhealthy lifestyle is gripping  almost all societies globally, be it a least developed country, developing countries or a developed countries, we at  LIFESTYLE  AND HEALTH, see a dire need, to help our societies to get out of this health and lifestyle crisis. We are in the mission to make our societies aware of healthy habits that we can install in our daily lives. We want to promote healthy lifestyle that is full of goodness and healthy habits. 


We want to make our societies aware on various facets of our lives includinig but not limited to following core areas: 

healthy food

How we can cook healthy wholesome food in our homes and get out of unhealthy eating habits. 

organic food

How we as a society, can become a self sustaining society, growing our own organic food in our own backyard garden. 

nutrition food

How we can eat much more nutrition dense food that are healthy but are low in calories, fats and sugars. 


How we can teach our kids to be active and foster healthy habits in their daily lives. How we can nurture and foster them to grow up as healthier and happier adults.

Young People Doing Stretching Exercise In Park

How we can bring outdoor activities  and physical fitness regime back to our our sedentary lives. 


How can we not only be physically fit, but also mentally sound for a healthier and a happier lives. 


How we can become a harmonous societies around the world, where each one of us are leading healthy and fulfiling life by supporting and lifting each other living around us. 

Lets begin a healthier and happier journey together. Share the knowledge you have and learn from other peoples’ wisdom. Together we all can build a healthier and happier society, country and the world. Let the new healthy lifestyle movement begin. 

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