Oranges are a healthy source of fiber, vitamin C, thiamine, folate, and antioxidants.

Orange is a type of citrus food that people often eat. Oranges are among the world’s most popular fruits. It is a good source of vitamin C. Oranges are round orange-colored fruit which grows on a tree that can reach 10 meters high. They last longer than many other fruits when they are stored. Oranges can either be sweet or bitter. 


Sweet orange trees were brought to Italy, Spain, and Portugal from India in the fifteenth century. Orange trees are a symbol of love and marriage in many cultures. Oranges are a healthy source of fiber, vitamin C, thiamine, folate, and antioxidants. They are mostly grown in warm regions of the world and it is either consumed fresh or as a juice. Oranges are available year-round but are freshest in the U.S. in winter.  

Health Benefits of Orange: 

  • Oranges are a great source of fiber, which may boost digestive health. 
  • It has numerous vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, thiamine, potassium, and folate. 
  • It is a rich source of several plant compounds that are accountable for many of their health benefits. 
  • It maintains your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. 
  • Orange protects your cells from damage. 
  • It makes it easier to absorb iron. 
  • It helps your body make collagen; a protein that heals wound. 
  • It is cholesterol-free and fat-free fruit. 

Fun Facts That You Did Not Know About Orange: 

  • The orange tree was first grown in China. 
  • The orange is a citrus fruit and is a hybrid of the pomelo and mandarin. 
  • Around 85% of all oranges produced are used for juice. 
  • There are now over 600 varieties of oranges worldwide. 
  • Orange peel can be used by gardeners to sprinkle over vegetables as a slug repellent. 
  • The white orange blossom is the state flower of Florida 
  • California and Florida are large producers of oranges in the US. 
  • Spain has over 35 million oranges trees. 
  • Orange peel can be reused to remove grease, oil spots, and orange tea.  
  • The orange production capital in the world is Brazil. 

Nutrition Facts Of Orange: 

One medium-sized orange has: 

  • 60 calories. 
  • No fat or sodium. 
  • 3 grams of fiber. 
  • 12 grams of sugar. 
  • 1 gram of protein. 
  • 14 micrograms of vitamin A. 
  • 70 milligrams of vitamin C. 
  • 6% of daily recommended amount of calcium. 



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