Green Apple

Do you know green apple is better than red apple?

Green apples are regarded as one of the most fascinating and astonishing fruits from our nature that has given us with. They include a lot of vitamin C and minerals where people form it as a part of their daily diet. In addition, when it comes to apples, it has different types of apples. The green apples are the ones that is sweet and sour and the red apples are the ones that are very common in fruits. 

Green Apple

Green apples contain high fiber content which helps the body to increase metabolism. When you eat an apple, make sure that you do not take out the outer part of an apple. Green apples are as healthy as the red apples. Green apple has a variety of apples known as Granny Smith apple, Shizuka apple, Crispin apple, and Pippin apple.  

Origin of Green apples:     

Green apples are a type of apple that was first grown in Australia by Maria Ann Smith, which is the reason why the apples of this combination are frequently called Granny Smith apples. It is considered to have been made as a hybrid between the French Crab apple and the Rome beauty. It started in 1868, and since it is a hybrid, it is believed to have more nutrition and added medical advantages.

Useful benefits of green apples  

  • Green apples have low fat that helps to maintain the good flow of blood in the body. 
  • Green apples are rich in vitamin A, B, and also an excellent source of vitamin C. 
  • Green apples are good for increasing bone strength. 
green apple 3
  • Green apples also fight against aging. 
  • Green apples also help to maintain healthy and glowing skin. 
  • Green apples are low in carbs and have high water content. 
  • Green apple nourishes the skin and improves its texture 
  • Green apples also help to boost to grow your hair and prevent hair loss 

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