Do you like gardening?

How amazing is it to see plantS growing?

Do you love watching your children spend time in the garden? 


Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as a part of horticulture. It is great for both body and mind. For many people gardening means it is time to get dirty. Many people take gardening as their passion, interests, and pride. They are keen to enjoy the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Also, planting and growing the vegetable in your backyard will help you to burn 200-400 calories per hour. If you mow the lawn, you could probably burn calories between 250-350 per hour.  

Moreover, gardening activities help you to provide the purpose and sense of responsibility. Spending your time in the garden helps you to enhance your sensory system. Gardening is also an excellent method of exercise and physical fitness. Gardening helps you to build self-esteem and brings you close to the Mother Nature. Home gardening is experiencing a big boom right now. Gardening not only enable us to grow our own food but it also gives you the satisfaction of having healthy organic foods from our garden. People of all ages can enjoy gardening, but especially immersing our children into gardening from early childhood gives them opportunity to interact with mother nature and also gives them exposure to how our foods are grown.  

Going Outdoor and doing out door activities are missing piece of modern way of living, especially for the kids of this generation. To become a well rounded individual and help children’s learn about wonders of Nature, Gardening could be a good place to start. The fact is that kids love playing being outdoors and getting involved in outdoor activities. The fresh air from such activities works wonders for them as it helps them to be active. Gardening offers fun and great opportunities for children and growing our own food in our Garden, teaches them invaluable lessons on Sustainable Living. 


Gardening and healthy eating should be encouraged to our growing children. It is a well-known fact that if you let your children grow their own vegetables, they will be motivated to eat them too. Growing their own veggies will not only teach them to work hard but get a sense of achievement knowing that they are eating food they have grown themselves. It is also a good idea to teach your children about the preparation of food too, from harvest to cooking. 

Gardening engages different senses and helps children to develop and recognise them without even realising it. They can feel the texture of soil, seeds, flower, and petals. Gardening is a better platform for children to learn responsibility, but it is not an overnight process. Children will gradually learn to be patient when waiting for their flowers and vegetables to grow. 

Let the little minds get exposed to the wonder of Nature and in the process let them learn some valuable lessons from the Mother Nature herself. As these children get immersed in Gardening they will learn one of the most valuable life skills, which will help them to become a confident individuals practicing and promoting Sustainable Living .


Gardening Quotes

A garden is a friend you can visit anytime. 

Gardening and healthy eating should be a part of our learning curriculum, as it is an important life skill. 

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. -Audrey Hepburn 

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.- Getrude Jekyll  

Gardening is the purest of human pleasures.- Francis Bacon 

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