Bok Choy

Did you know Bok Choy is a good source of fibre?  

Bok choy is a type of Chinese cabbage having dark-green and pale-green leaves. It is a type of plant in the mustard family, having a free top of dark green leaves with thick white stems. It can be eaten as a vegetable in eastern Asian cuisine. It is known as Chinese cabbage. It is also known as Chinese leaf, Pak-Choi, Celery cabbage, Peking cabbage, and white mustard cabbage. This vegetable is available throughout the year. 

bok choy

Bok Choy is a good source vitamin C, K, and A. It also has a good source of calcium, folate, and vitamin B6 as well. It is low in calories and carbohydrates and has no fat too. Bok Choy is highly nutritious. Bok choy belongs to the same family of foods known as the Brassica family. 

Some interesting fun facts of Bok Choy: 

  1. Bok Choy is a member of the cabbage family as it might look like celery. 
  2. Bok choy is often related to white cabbage, not to be mixed with Napa cabbage, which is also a type of Chinese cabbage. 
  3. Bok Choy takes about two months from planting to harvest. 
  4. Bok Choy is packed with vitamins A and C. 
  5. Bok Choy is known for its mild flavor and can be eaten raw. 
  6. It is said that Bok Choi is grown in China but is harvested in California and parts of Canada. 
  7. The people in China have been cultivating vegetables for more than 5000 years. 
  8. It is often called a “soup spoon” because of the shape of its leaves. 

Health benefits of Bok Choy 

  • Bok Choy contains antioxidants that help the body fight inflammation and cell damage. 
  • Bok Choy provides non-dairy calcium as it makes your bone and teeth strong. 
  • Bok Choy boosts your beta-carotene which is known as the plant source of vitamin A.
    bok choy
    • Bok Choy helps to relieve constipation. 
    • Bok Choy is also helpful in boosting your body’s immune system. 
    • Bok Choy contains a healthy dose of fiber which is essential to keep you full for a longer period. 
    • Bok Choy helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. 
    • Bok Choy promotes the growth of hair and maintains its health. 

    Bok Choy Nutrition Facts 

    Nutrition information for 1 cup (70g) of raw, shredded Bok Choy. 

    • Calories: 9.1 
    • Fat: 0.1g 
    • Sodium: 45.5mg 
    •  Carbohydrates: 1.5g 
    •  Fiber: 0.7g  
    •  Sugars: 0.8g 
    •  Protein: 1.1g 


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